Meet our team

Welcome to our team! Here at Chatmans Media, we believe in working together to achieve success and make great things happen. Our team is a talented and diverse group of people from multiple backgrounds and expertise, each contributing unique perspectives to our mission.

We have music and video producers, marketing professionals, art designers, and many more that bring their enthusiasm and skills to the table. Every day, our team works together to bring content that is both educational and entertaining. We strive to inspire our audience with original content and collaborations with thought leaders across a variety of industries.

We are committed to collaboration and value team-oriented cultures that lead to creativity, efficiency, and a passion for pushing boundaries. We take our commitment to each other seriously and pride ourselves on open communication, transparency, and embracing our individual talents.

No matter your level of expertise, everyone on our team is excited to learn and help create something special. Welcome to the team!

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We love to hear back from you with any questions, bookings, feedback, or just to say hi.